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Make America Great Again!

by Up & Down

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A song that remembers how great America really was, back in the good old days.


Oh let’s make America
Great again
Like in the good old days
Way back when.
There were root beer floats
At every soda shop.
Ice cream sundaes
With a cherry on top.

Fresh mowed lawns
Where we play on the grass
Wavin’ to the neighbors
As they pass.
Soakin’ up the sun
In a pink bikini
Chasing a quaalude
With a gin martini.

I miss those good old
Carefree days
Before anyone knew
There were rights for gays.
Oh, I sure do wish
Every now and then
That we could make America great

At the sock hop we
Would dance the night away
When rapin’ your date
Was A-ok.
No warning labels
to dismay me
As I smoked in a restaurant
Holding my baby.

Your boss’ friends
Were always happy to greet ya
They’d slap your ass, and say
“Nice to meet ya.”
You’d take it with a smile
Without any bitchin’.
Then you’d head on home
To your place in the kitchen.

Your husband rarely hit ya
And that was ace.
Blacks, Jews, and Mexicans
Knew their place
Back when girls were girls
And men were men.
Oh let’s make America great

Let’s bring back juicy peaches
On a warm Spring day
Jim Crow laws
And the KKK.
Our flag was flyin’
High as an eagle
Schools were segregated
Child labor was legal.

Five cent popcorn
at the picture show
Dying prematurely
Of polio
If your kid misbehaved
It was fine to spank it.
Every Indian boy
Got a smallpox blanket.

You could hang your slave
From a cottonwood tree.
In the good old days
When we all were free.
Oh, it was so much better
Way back when.
So let’s make America great


released June 28, 2016
Music & Lyrics by Robin Holloway, Kate Chavez and Lindsey Hope Pearlman
Piano: Robin Holloway
Bass: Jon Gagan
Mixed & Mastered by Jon Gagan


all rights reserved



Up & Down Santa Fe, New Mexico

Up & Down Theatre is a sketch and musical comedy trio, producing political and social satire. We are committed to creating work that playfully explores the deeper truths beneath the surface of American culture. We look at the world and say: Huh?! And then we laugh at it. ... more

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